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Uluru and the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

I find myself in Uluru, initially as a special bonding experience with my daughter who I had not seen for 9 months.

Yet as it turns out, I am also here for the energetic (Heliocentric - from the sun’s perspective) Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction on November 1st/2nd, which will be experienced from the perspective of Earth on 21st December 2020.

While Chris and I are currently on opposite ends of the planet, we continue our rainbow bridging from the northern and southern hemispheres and the signs are here.

During my eighth visit, a rainbow appeared above both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The feminine and the masculine.

Our next transmission is now complete and we took it for a test run from our respective locations.

We look forward to joining you this week on November 11 for our fourth trans:mission, “Pillar of Light”.

All love,

Henrietta & Chris x


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