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“Our union has become a ritual. A sacred and ancient remembrance.”

In essence, The Sacred Marriage is a divine union of spirit and matter. An alchemical process that takes place within you, and ultimately reflected outside of you. A sacred rite of passage into the eternal self and experienced in human form. The heart is the portal and the compass simultaneously.

Through Sacred Leadership, The Wise One Within was birthed. Though at the heart of the journey, was always The Sacred Marriage. We are now excited to announce the launch of our tenth transmission ‘The Sacred Marriage’. One year after our own Sacred Marriage at Rosslyn Chapel, on the 1st November 2021.

Our journey over this last year, has taken us ‘Home’ - physically and metaphysically. From the UK to Australia. From the land of our ancestors, to the land of our birth, and land we have chosen to live. From our temporary ‘landing pads’ to our current dream home: a log cabin retreat.

Our creative process has been different with this one. I’ve done the selecting, structuring and shortlisting of the music, forming this transmission, while Chris has sat back and received for the first time! Usually I’ve been the one to receive, edit, cut and direct the final. Chris had no edits for this one. So essentially it’s the directors cut!

I first spoke sacred vows to Chris in a crystal Cave in the White Desert in Egypt a year prior. We both spoke sacred vows to each other as part of our Sacred Marriage ceremony at Rosslyn Chapel, a divine acoustic chamber said to be a replica of Solomons Temple.

Here is an except: “I offer you my unwavering love, friendship and support in all that you do, as well as what we must do together. I ask nothing in return, yet I gratefully accept the riches you might offer me. You have truly won my heart.”

The Sacred Marriage is a spiritual teaching transmission via The Wise One Within through the vehicle of sound. For there are no words. We invite you to create a sacred space for you to pause, become still, and hear the voice of soul.

Chris and I will be hosting a sacred ceremony on the 1st of November 2022 to celebrate the launch of THE SACRED MARRIAGE. We invite you to join us (at 11am AEST), on the 1st November 2022, or tune in in your own time from your location anytime from the 1st - 11th November.

You’re pre-registration includes:

• Your ticket to the launch event of THE SACRED MARRIAGE with us • 11 days access to THE SACRED MARRIAGE transmission from November 1 - 11th. • 22% off Membership to The Wise One Within which includes unlimited access to our complete library of Trans:missions, Quests, Symphonic Keys, Therapy & Sessions.

Our trans:missions have been described as “sonic love journeys”, “elixir for the soul” and the “holy grail.” This one is certainly no exception. Join us for a sacred experiential journey of the heart. In The Sacred Marriage. Where three become ONE.

All love, Henrietta & Chris x


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