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TOTALITY : Awakening the Avatar: Solar Eclipse edition

Greetings from frosty England, to wherever you are in the world!

A Total Solar Eclipse is upon us.

To honour this special occasion as the ancients did, we are offering an online retreat event “Totality” which is over 3 hours of sound transmissions from the time of the eclipse, and beyond. Our entire collection from The Wise One Within... in ONE sitting.

Awakening the Avatar: Solar Eclipse edition

Time: 8am GMT time

Date: 4th November 2021

Duration: 3hrs (8 trans:missions)

A self-retreat if you will. Together.

A full scale soul immersion through sound.

You are welcome to join us at the time of the eclipse, or in your own time, througout the whole of December. Whenever you are feeling to receive some soul support.

Some of the best things are unplanned. Or maybe they are so well planned, we just need to surrender to their organic unfoldment and timing. Creating sacred space is the key. This is what we are offering, through the healing power of sound.

Join us in TOTALITY!

Henrietta & Chris x


Note: This image is of a beautiful gift for our recent Sacred Marriage to remind us that life is exponentially richer when shared, and creation is amplified beyond our wildest dreams. The form also resembles a Total Solar Eclipse which has inspired us to offer TOTALITY again in honour.


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