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It’s coming up to the 1 year anniversary of The Wise One Within, which was born from a desire to share our personal journey with the energy of sacred sites (without having to physically travel to them) though the power of sound, energy and frequency.

This has been our joint creative mission since the beginning of 2020, the impulse being to enlighten souls globally in deeply sacred ways through our organically unfolding journey, which has taken the form of spiritual quests that can be accessed from your living room.

We have now completed our body of work in the form of meditative sound journeys and all offerings are available on the website concluding with ‘Divinity’. We are still receiving incredible feedback coming in from our EPIC Solstice - Full Moon Global Event last week during which we released ‘Divinity’.


If you wish to journey with The Wise One Within, we are proud and humbled to present our newly refined offerings:

• Single Trans:mission Pass - 1 week trans:mission pass

• Member:ship Pass - 3 month all trans:missions pass

• The Session - trans:mission of choice in sacred ceremony with Henrietta & Chris

• Member:ship Within - annual access all areas including all trans:missions pass, quests and the session

These are all available on our website:

My heart goes out to all globally, especially in my home country of Australia. Now is an ideal time to go within, and strengthen your connection to The Wise One Within, and in doing so begin the journey of Sacred Leadership. Something our Earth is desperately crying out for more of.

So much love and gratitude, Henrietta x


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