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“The last shall be first and the first last.” ~ JC 

On 22nd July, we delivered our first trans:mission from The Great Pyramids of Giza, ‘The Wise One’ in conjunction with NeoWise comet’s closest approach to Earth. 

Since being in the UK, we have completely recreated ‘The Wise One’ trans:mission. A 22 minute energetic soul quest. From the land here. Connecting up with its point of origin in Egypt.

To launch the trailer and new trans:mission, we have found ourselves on very special land at this time. Which connects directly to the Great Pyramid of Giza in the Glastonbury Zodiac. The Star Temple here. 

So, on the first full moon in October, we found it fitting to present new ‘The Wise One’ trans:mission from here at 8pm UK time. 


Date: Thursday 1st October 

Time: 8pm UK time

Duration: 22 minutes 

Exchange:  Pre Event: US$44 + 1 week access

(Before 8pm 1st October)

Post Event: US$88 + 1 week access

(After 12am 2nd October)

Below is the trailer for ‘The Wise One,’ a taster of behind the scenes preparations for the original global trans:mission. Enjoy! 

We are very much looking forward to sharing this new edition with you. 

All love,

Henrietta & Chris x 


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