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The Lady Chapel - Inside Wells Cathedral

Known as the smallest city in England with the largest Cathedral housing the oldest Astronomical clock in the world, Wells is otherworldly.

We arrived at the Cathedral on a clear and balmy evening, only to find it was closed. After viewing the grand exterior in golden sun light, we circled the grounds and agreed to return another day to go inside. I had intel prior that it needed a clearing.

With New Moon approaching, I felt to go in when it was exact, being 12pm on September 17th. Being in the constellation of Virgo, the High Priestess. It felt timely and potent, in the lead up to Equinox on the 22nd.

I chose to wear white, and bought two white long stemmed roses enroute, as an offering of purity at the alter of the Lady Chapel. Like pilgrims, we walked from the florist, along the cobblestone streets, from one side of town to the other, arriving at Wells Cathedral at exactly 11:50pm.

I had never entered a Cathedral so grand, and of such scale. It had echos of Rosslyn Chapel which took me back to my birthday last year, when I was there.

Arriving at the Lady Chapel felt like the apex of the journey. There, at the high alter, two tall candles sat at either end of a long table drapped in white. There I placed the two white roses, one over the other. And felt an overwhelming sense of being ‘received’.

Moving along and circling back around to the entrance, I felt to do another round. This time I noticed the roses had been moved to the feet of The Virgin Mary. On the New Moon in Virgo. The true origin of Virgin, meaning woman unto herself.

I smiled inside and out. It was done.

H x


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