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The Journey to Harmony

Here's a little LIVE we recorded over the weekend if you missed it... The Journey to Harmony through The Wise One Within featuring Sacred Leadership & The Galactic Guardian. Enjoy! x

A JOURNEY TO HARMONY - A 13 month Odyssey

“The Seven Keys of Sacred Leadership will open the door. To the Heavens.”

I wrote this in my first blog post for ‘The Wise One Within’, 7 months ago, at The Great Pyramids in Egypt. For our very first trans:mission: The Wise One.

Initially we were doing this energy work privately through ourselves and the planet, undercover, yet something in me was like: “Hey Chris, why don’t you make a soundtrack for our global meditation from here?” It was so divine, I felt to share it with you all. And ‘The Wise One Within’ was born.

We are coming full spiral now. With Harmony. Completing the 7 keys. In this body of work. In all the feedback received over the last 7 months, a true testament to what ‘The Wise One Within’ brings. Thank you to all who have received and taken part to date. It has been an epic journey for all!

I couldn’t have planned it if I tried. It was pure trust, surrender, gratitude with a rather large sprinkle of faith and knowing. It is our upmost honour to present to you, The 7 Keys of Sacred Leadership. Created by The Wise One Within. A journey to Harmony.

A bridge to Sacred Leadership.


• The Session ~ A sacred ceremony with myself & Chris + a trans:mission of your choice from wherever you are on the planet.

• Member:ship ~ Unlimited annual access to all 7 trans:missions.

• Passes ~ Unlimited weekly access to a trans:mission of your choice.

• Harmony ~ The Global Event ~ A global group sacred ceremony to celebrate the release of our final trans:mission, Harmony, on Chris’s 44th birthday! We have included 1 week unlimited access if you can’t make the Event time from your timezone.

All offerings above and client testimonials can be found at our energetic home here:

Pure energetic trans:missions of light and sound. Coming to a cinema within you.

All love, Henrietta & Chris x


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