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The Gift of 'Divinity'

Solstice Blessings to you all from The White Isle of Ibiza! We have now entered the three day Solstice portal and Chris and I are preparing to celebrate the release of 'Divinity', our eighth trans:mission, in just a few days time. It is what we’ve been working on for the last six weeks since I arrived in Ibiza and reunited with Chris after seven months on different continents. Big island and small island.

From The Red Centre (Uluru) to The White Isle (Es Vedra), 'Divinity' is a trans:mission of Divine Love and the foundation of Sacred Leadership - where Sacred Mission, Planetary Gridwork and Divine Union intersect. It is a spiritual journey through the power of sound, alchemised by myself and Chris, direct from the north of Ibiza.

This is your personal invitation to receive ‘Divinity’ from us, in a one-off global group event setting at the exact time of the Solstice, considered one of the most powerful days of the year where we celebrate the Sun. An opportunity for balance, from within.


I have no words for this one.

Though I have attempted to write a little about it. The first time I received ‘Divinity’ I couldn’t move afterwards. The energetic shift was so profound (being our 8th trans:mission, and clearly the most potent) and I found myself in a completely new space. Navigating for the first time. All distractions fell away and I was left alone, blissfully, like waking up for the first time. Experiencing everything and nothing all at once.

Chris and I then gave it a test run together on the solar eclipse, twice. From the lighthouse in northern Ibiza from where we opened the gates for the lunar eclipse two weeks prior. We pressed play the first time at the start of the eclipse, and 3 minutes in, we heard a knock at the door and a bottle of cava (champagne) called ‘Cygnus’ was waiting in a bucket on ice. We were both like “did you order that?!”

Then the second time we pressed play at eclipse zenith to the end. Shortly after integrating, and a glass of Cygnus to celebrate, we were invited out on a boat and taken to a special secret swimming spot on the island where we snorkelled in pristine crystal clear waters overlooked by a James Bond style castle.

I’m just providing a little context here of our direct in the moment experience of ‘Divinity’ on the Solar Eclipse, in preparation for this Global Event we’re offering on Solstice, 21st June 2021, for you all to receive. As a gift. For free. From our hearts to yours.


'Divinity' is our eighth trans:mission created in Ibiza with a focus on Es Vedra and the White Isle.


'Divinity' is what is behind the sacred doorway. It is the end of the road. An experience of direct communion with all that is, and the beginning of a new way of being.


Communion with the seven higher heavens.


In under 30 minutes, you will be brought deeply into a state of being. Communion. Timeless energetic information will be transmitted directly to your soul, through the power of symphonic sound.


The nature of this trans:mission is energetic. We use the power of sound as a vehicle to reach higher states of consciousness. You will receive what your soul is ready for.


Monday 21st June 2021

Ibiza, Spain 05:31am

Sydney, Australia 13:31pm

Check time and date for your location here:




“Highly recommend this opportunity if you can find space to tap into it. Their transmissions and holy holy holy divinity of their creative forces is beyond words....fantismo, electrifying and so incredibly lifting for exactly what you need to receive in the present moment. And this EVENT is FREE for this Summer please venture to taste the incredible magic delivered up by this high frequency team of Henrietta Gothe-Ellis & Chris Goodwin of .

The nectar received and sweet opening of my heart space, unfolding through their transmissions, just never loses it's luster gates are open wide and blessed for the nourishing flow of these offerings.”

~ Connie, USA."

“These audio trans:missions are incredibly powerful spiritual experiences.”

~ Ryan, USA

“I love your Transmissions, they are beautiful, powerful, incredibly healing and I often feel my soul merging into the music in a way that has me feel relieved, and "at home" in a way that for me often feels more challenging in the physical world. Each listening takes me on a different journey, depending on which version of me I am bringing to the experience. The Transmissions are so supportive to my emotional body and nervous system as I gradually release layers of previously suppressed energies. Thank you for creating this lovely body of work, I look forward to the next creation.”

~ Jo, Australia

In service to Gaia and humanity, through the power of sound.


All love,

Henrietta & Chris x

Divinity Trailer


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