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Sword of Truth

Today we woke early for sunrise at Stonehenge to prepare for our next transmission: ‘Sword of Truth’.

On the final day of a series of 10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in the Mayan Calendar (today being Blue Crystal Eagle) we anchored the Sword of Truth at Stonehenge, a Stargate Portal used for mass scale energy siphoning for far too long.

Enough is enough.

Sword of Truth = Words of Truth.

This transmission is full power. The third. Following on from ‘The Wise One’ at the Pyramids in Egypt (July) and most recently ‘Return of the Magi’ in Glastonbury (August). They seem to be coming monthly!

These transmissions are purely energetic. They powerful 22 minute soul journeys with accompanying soundtracks, designed specifically by Chris and myself.

We aim to have it out for you all to receive by weekend so stay tuned this week for event details.

All love,

Henrietta x


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