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Stasis Equinox Event

Equinox is a time the ancients honoured. A point of balance, inner stillness, and connection to the cosmos.

We are offering our very first group ‘Stasis Session’ this weekend at 7pm AEDT March 20th. Released in January, this is the only trans:mission Chris and I have not yet done together... we’ve saved it for now to with you all in a global group session!


“A period or state of inactivity or equilibrium.”

‘Stasis’ is a divinely inspired trans:mission, designed to take you there from within. A healing journey on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bringing balance, harmony and equilibrium through placing the body in Stasis.

We are proud, honoured and humbled to share this exquisite trans:mission with you all for Equinox. Divinely inspired, energetically coded to the highest degree, and masterfully designed and crafted for your ultimate peace, healing, and transfiguration at this time.

Retreat yourself this Equinox with ‘Stasis’ and join us in Sacred Leadership.

DATE & TIME 7pm March 20th AEDT

EXCHANGE Stasis Pod 1 US1 Stasis Pod 2 US11 Stasis Pod 3 US111


“That was a beautiful journey of slowly unknotting the tension from many levels within the body and especially the nervous system. This type of deep rest is most important right now in the personal and collective healing process with all the new energy flowing in and activating so much within us. Thank you very much, highly recommended.”

~ Daniel, Cornwall

“Powerful healing transmissions....beyond words. That means a lot coming from be left speechless in the wake of being AWE struck and transformed.

~ Connie, USA

“So grateful to you for sharing darling Henrietta Gothe-Ellis, I listened to Stasis last night and the experience was pure joy and so very powerful that I am now signing up for a pass to listen to all your transmissions. Beaming you much love and appreciation for all that you do.”

~ Mishka, Thailand

“Wow. Deep release. Thank you. It was deeply nurturing. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

~ Hannah, Australia

“Statis, I don't know how you do it. Lay down, dropped straight in, felt the heart chakra moving, then moved up to jaw chakras like a smile then more nasal ajna. Then violin kicked in and it went down to my navel chakra, I saw a vision of you in white with a white veil sitting on your head like you where giving me an offering, then at the end of this section you/the feminine vision moved down and disappeared into the water. Half way through I felt done, I had to make myself stay, I needed to rub my abdominal area and solar plexus, then i found myself crossing my arms over my body and protecting my solar plexus, then i had the message "you need to go through this, we need you this strong" like I was needed to be upgraded for humanity (hence all the current chaos). Then towards the end I felt like the energy was moving more freely in my body and I could relax. I yawned (my clearing) a lot, and had watery eyes. There was an offering from you in the piece for everyone. These are so powerful. Feeling very relaxed.”

~ Kristin, Australia

"Dearest Henrietta and Chris, I am so incredibly grateful for your offerings, your magic and your integrity in this world. There is something so different about the sound experiences you share with us. They are deeply comforting and yet, so often full of surprises. Stasis was a stunning deep dive into the void - my body released what it needed to and I was left feeling so deeply peaceful. Thank-you again for all you do, and all you provide. So much love."

~ Tessa, Australia

“As with everything I’ve ever heard from Henrietta & Chris, ‘Stasis ‘ is really extraordinary. It’s about a 30 minute musical journey with their energy and the energy of the divine laced within it, and it does something to you. It takes you somewhere and you know that you’re different than when you laid down to listen to it. Wow. It’s absolutely amazing. Beautiful heart opening, soul stirring, crown opening, deeply healing, deeply touching, thank you thank you thank you.”

~ Lou Martin, Ireland


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