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“A period of inactivity or equilibrium.”

Introducing ‘Stasis’, a new trans:mission from The Wise One Within.

We are proud, honoured and humbled to release this exquisite trans:mission to you all today, on the 17th January 2021. Divinely inspired, energetically coded to the highest degree, and masterfully designed and crafted for your ultimate peace, healing, and transfiguration at this time.

Available to receive from our website today with four options of exchange on a sliding scale. As accessibility for all is key.

Retreat yourself with ‘Stasis’ and join us in Sacred Leadership.

All love,

Henrietta & Chris x

Feedback: “As with everything I’ve ever heard from Henrietta & Chris, ‘Stasis ‘ is really extraordinary. It’s about a 30 minute musical journey with their energy and the energy of the divine laced within it, and it does something to you. It takes you somewhere and you know that you’re different than when you laid down to listen to it. Wow. It’s absolutely amazing. Beautiful heart opening, soul stirring, crown opening, deeply healing, deeply touching, thank you thank you thank you.”

~ Lou Martin


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