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This time one year ago, we were at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, doing our first trans:mission ‘The Wise One’ through Sacred Leadership during the passing of comet NeoWise. We thought it was a one-off...

Over the last 12 months, it continued and we have created 7 transmissions which open the 7 gates to the 8th being ‘Divinity’ which is what lies beyond, working directly with your own inner technology - your body’s electro-magnetic field.

To celebrate the anniversary of The Wise One Within, we will be running the ‘Awakening the Avatar Within’ Course: 8 trans:missions over 8 weeks.

Join us for this adventurous oddessy in honour of our journey of love and come out born anew. Avatar awakened. Receive deeply spiritual experiences through the power of sound, energetically encoded at sacred sites around the world by us.

If ever there was a time to jump on board this is it!

OPTION 1 : ‘Awakening the Avatar’ Quest

A 7 day Key Quest though all the trans:missions. The first 7 people to email “Awaken my Avatar” to will be gifted it free! (rrp US369)

Begins Monday 26th July 2021 as a self-guided journey.

OPTION 2 : ‘Awakening the Avatar Within’ Course

A 7 week course though all the transmissions: 1 per week with us!

Week 1 - 26th July - THE WISE ONE Week 2 - 2nd August - RETURN OF THE MAGI Week 3 - 9th August - SWORD OF TRUTH Week 4 - 16th August - PILLAR OF LIGHT Week 5 - 23rd August - ETERNAL FLAME Week 6 - 30th August - STASIS Week 7 - 6th September - HARMONY Week 8 - 13th September - DIVINITY

Special anniversary offer: US144 We begin on the 26th July 2021.

Expressions of interest welcome. Registration opens on Friday 23rd July.

OPTION 3 : The Session

A personal one-on-one session with Henrietta & Chris with a trans:mission of your choice.

The first person to email “My Session” with your transmission of choice to will be gifted it free! (rrp US432)

Taking bookings now. Sessions begin from 26th July 2021.

Our honouring, offering and gift to you on this special day. In Sacred Leadership, though The Wise One Within.

All love, Henrietta & Chris x


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