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First there was Sound

On the 14th April 2021 we begin a 20 day process. In the Mayan Calendar it’s called ‘The Mystic Column.’ At the centre is the Heart of the Tzolkin (Kin 130-131) which just happens to be the longitude of Uluru.

The ancients used sound. It bypasses the mind and goes straight into the body. It connects to other realms and dimensions and heals on subtle levels.

Now more than ever we need to come back to the beginning. The ancient future. Yet there is a paradox here. As I believe sound in all its purity and simplicity is one of the most complex technologies on the planet. And like most things has been used for both good and evil.

It comes from the consciousness of the instrument. We are the instrument. Our bodies. Anything else like a physical musical instrument is simply an extension of the one who plays it. Emitting the vibrational frequency of the person through it. Therefore, like alchemists, through The Wise One Within, we have carefully and precisely created, organised and encoded sound frequency trans:missions in the form of journeys for the soul.

These carry the vibrational frequencies of the chosen musicians we’ve worked with as well as our own. You can feel us within them. Now is an opportune time to journey through our first online quest, ‘Awakening The Avatar’.

Self-guided. Over 7 days. You choose your timing. Yet these next 20 days will be pivotal. And the more who Awaken the Avatar through The Wise One Within, the better.

Join here:

Next up:

• Stasis Healing Therapy & • Divine Communion

All love,

Henrietta & Chris x


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