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Eternal Flame

A trans:mission from The Wise One Within Release Date: 13.12.2020

The Eternal Flame represents the three-fold-flame of Love, Power and Wisdom. Trinity consciousness. We are coming full spiral at this time and alchemising this trinity within our heart space, which ignites the sacred flame within.

We invite you to join us in sacred ceremony for an inner journey of receiving ‘Eternal Flame’. A divinely inspired trans:mission, designed to take you there. From within.

We have had so much precious feedback from our previous trans:missions that go beyond comprehension of the mind. They are felt, through the heart.

Join us in sacred ceremony to celebrate the release of ‘Eternal Flame’ at 8pm AEST 13th December 2020 on the eve of the solar eclipse.

OR create your own sacred ceremony and receive it in your own time.

It’s up to you!

This is our final boom for 2020!!!

All previous trans:missions are on the website via ‘The Pass’ for US$11 until January 1, 2021.

A sacred gift to support others at this time, or a special opportunity for yourself to receive the full collection before our new release.

We are also available for ‘The Session’. A sacred ceremony with Chris and I, and a trans:mission of your choice.

Next up: Eternal Flame Time: 8pm AEST Date: 13th December 2020 Exchange: US$33

Blessings to you all though this passage.

All love, Henrietta & Chris x

‘Eternal Flame’ is now available for purchase ahead of time under ‘Passes’ on the website for US$33. Direct link here:

Personal access will be added to your account on the release date (13th December) for you to join us in sacred ceremony at 8pm AEST. It will also be available for unlimited receiving in your own time until January 1st 2021.

Join us for the final boom of 2020!!!


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