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Es Vedra Speaks

After 7 months grounded in Australia, I was miraculously granted safe passage to Spain. The gates opened, and now I’m here. On the island of Ibiza.

There was much preparation for me to depart and I was in my own energy field for weeks in quiet contemplation, meditation and stillness. Like a rocket preparing for lift off. Without knowing if, when, or even specifically where. All I knew was my heart compass was set. On reuniting with Chris.

Since my arrival, the Schumann resonance (Heart beat of Mother Earth) has been spiking consistently, almost daily for the past week and continues. Now with an M class solar flare adding to the mix. Our bodies are intrinsically connected to the earth and cosmic climate. Are you feeling it?

I connected with Es Vedrá for the first time yesterday. Which felt like coming home to a long lost friend. It was almost as if it spoke “you’ve made it, to the end of the road.” There was so much peace in my heart. Many of you who know me and my work will be aware of my connection to big rocks, megalithic, and sacred sites are around the planet, and that endings are also new beginnings. Up the spiral of evolution we go!

Is that where we find ourselves now as a collective species? At the end of the old ways and beginning of the new? Can you feel it? Perhaps without yet being able to fully see it?

I can honestly say this has been the most graceful landing I’ve ever experienced. From the journey - almost having an entire 777 jumbo jet to myself, to finally arriving on the island (after 24hrs and 3 flights) and feeling so welcomed by the land here. And of course, Chris. My point of origin.

I’m so excited to be working on the next stages of Sacred Leadership & The Wise One Within from here. We’re both so inspired to bring the original essence of the island to you. Through us.

And while we’re in full creation mode, we’re also putting the finishing touches on two new self-guided quests: Holy Trail & Stasis Therapy.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labours with you all to experience.

For now, you may connect to The Wise One Within through:

• Passes - Holy Trail, Field of Light & Harmony • Quests - Awakening the Avatar • Member:ship - Annual Unlimited Access • The Session - Sacred Ceremony with us

I will also be opening up to a limited number of Sacred Leadership Sessions, this time from Ibiza. Email me at for more info & booking link.

Sending so much love to all from the island.

H x


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