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Awakening the Avatar

This Holy Week, we are template testing our new online course ‘Awakening the Avatar’ with a global group. Thanks to all those who heeded the call to be part of ‘The Quest.’

Over 7 days, we are receiving the 7 trans:missions from The Wise One Within in sequential order of creation. One per day. For 7 days.

We are now on Day 5, and it’s been strong. So much so that I lost power for almost 24hrs, completely disconnecting me from the grid. Quite simply it has been explosive energetically.

‘Awakening the Avatar’ will be released this Easter Monday, upon our completion of ‘The Quest’. This 7 day course is self-guided and can be commenced at a time of your choice. We are simply placing it in your hands. It’s all in the name.

Inviting you to join us in Sacred Leadership, through Awakening the Avatar from The Wise One Within.

Release Date: Monday April 5th, 2021

All love

H x

PS Here is some feedback we've received from 'The Quest' so far:

"I started last night with The Wise One Within before I went to sleep and when I woke up this morning, I was tired like I’d been doing a lot of work in the dream space (which has been happening every day this week). Except this time my body and energy also felt deeply rested and restored. Like the transmission had added an extra layer to being able to still be actively working overnight but also resting. Which is what I had been calling in help with because I’m all up for some overnight mission work haha but also do need to rest while growing a child As always, beautiful work Henrietta and Chris and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week will bring. Thank you."

~ Hannah, Sydney

"I was massively procrastinating with yesterday’s meditation not wanting to do it at all it turns out it was the most amazing one and likely the one I needed most. I had so much love in my room with tears and a huge crown activation. I have been searching for meditations that I could feel energetic without confusing instructions and these are it. Pure divine and golden ray energy infused. If I was honest, I actually don’t really understand what you do logically but energetic my soul does. You are divine."

~ Marissa, Brisbane

"I’ve been doing these daily transmissions. Today’s Pillar of Light was just sooo beautiful. Thank you for bringing such a gift to us."

~ Neda, Virgin Islands



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