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The Wise One

Chris Goodwin

Henrietta Gothe-Ellis

Sacred Leadership

Henrietta is a Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Soul Coach, Retreat Facilitator and the founder of Sacred Leadership, A New Foundation for Humanity.

Chris is a Master Energy Healer, and practitioner of Reiki, Bio-Magnetic Touch and Sekhem, with a background in Sound & Lighting design, and music production.


$ 432

Personal energy attunement with Henrietta & Chris in sacred ceremony with a trans:mission of your choice.



"Amazing. Wowsers! I literally felt my throat chakra opening and began coughing at the start of the session, like I was being birthed again and taking my first breath. So so powerful. Like the beginning of the next cycle of my spiral!”

~ Eimear, Scotland (Eternal Flame)

“I love the Pillar of Light trans:mission. I was so happy to have found it on the solstice as I channeled my love for Gaia and intention for collective ascension facing Uluru when the elders were making offerings and in deep ceremony. I loved listening to it during all of that. Thank you for you service. And love. Sending so much love to you and Chris. And thank you for both for the very special experience.”

~ Ryan, USA (Pillar of Light)

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. The energy around me increased and intensified, I got really cold more so than usual when I mediate. I felt like Henrietta, Chris, Ancient Ones and Spirit team were in the room with me. There was a moment I felt like I could feel/see a shield of vibration in front of me. Thank you for the facilitation between you and Chris to experience more divine healing and awakening. Blessings and much love.”

~ Gina, Canada (Return of the Magi)

“We did some sweet healing within that embrace that beautiful day... it feels like magic. We held the fear, the hate, the anger, the pain within that sweet powerful connection we most certainly did channel healing to our blessed home. I am so very grateful to both of you and for your lovely vision that I can now also hold within the healing journey we shared in LOVE. Thank you again for your time and this amazing offering. I will not ever forget that moment. Love and blessings to each of you.”

~ Connie, USA (Sword of Truth)

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