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Symphonic keys

Music Therapy

“Many scientists have discovered similarities between the structure of DNA and music.” ~ Richard Rudd  Sometimes it feels like everything you’ve ever experienced was leading you to this very moment. Our human design is essentially made up of notes, chords and unique harmonies creating our very own Symphony of the Soul. We have created a reminder. The Symphonic Keys. Your very own personal playlist based on your unique cosmic gold print. Your very own music of the spheres. A music therapy that goes beyond words and communicates directly with your DNA. Just for you.  ​ ​ ​ Would you like to receive your very own personalised playlist based on your unique cosmic gold print? Your very own “Symphonic Keys” created just for you? We have created exactly that. As with all our trans:missions, they are tuned to the miracle frequency of 432hz and feature around 30 minutes of hand-selected tracks from our library of the worlds greatest musicians and artists, based on your unique cosmic gold print.  ​ WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE : A personalised +/-30 min playlist tuned to 432hz based on your cosmic astrological birth chart. ​ CURRENT LEAD TIME :  7 days ​ Benefits  recalibrates nervous system  works directly on the energy body  recodes DNA  increases immune system function  feelings of deep peace  This is a highly personalised and intimate offering akin to a powerful healing session.  ​

5-7 Careel Head Road, Avalon Beach NSW, Australia

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