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The Wise One' is our first trans:mission created in Egypt with a focus on The Pyramids and 7 of the most significant Temples along the Nile. It opens the gate to our Sacred Quest: 'Awakening The Avatar'.


'The Wise One' is a culmination of our 6 month Sacred Mission in Egypt, we connect with Comet NeoWise during its closest approach to Earth from The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. 

The NeoWise Comet = The Wise One Come.

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“Home” is our ninth trans:mission created over 6 months during our own journey home from Spain to the United Kingdom, finally landing in Sydney Australia in 2022. 



'Home' is your point of origin in space and time. It is the still point, also known as the zero point of creation. An experience of something deeply familiar, the space between breaths, a knowing, of your own soul.  

In under 20 minutes, you will be brought deeply into a deep state of being. Home. Timeless energetic information will be transmitted directly to your soul, through the power of sound.

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