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Touch the waveform above for a 1 minute experience 

“Home is the primary connection between you and the rest of the world.”


“Home” is our ninth trans:mission created over 6 months during our own journey home from Spain to the United Kingdom, finally landing in Sydney Australia in 2022. 



'Home' is your point of origin in space and time. It is the still point, also known as the zero point of creation. An experience of something deeply familiar, the space between breaths, a knowing, of your own soul.  



To experience Home 



In under 20 minutes, you will be brought deeply into a deep state of being. Home. Timeless energetic information will be transmitted directly to your soul, through the power of sound attuned to 432hz.



The nature of this transmission is energetic, delivered through high quality audio. You will receive what your soul is ready for.

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Single Trans:misson

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Our quests are spiritual journeys through sound, designed to take you home. 


Features & Benefits:


- Highest quality meditative sound immersions, tuned to 432hz frequency 

- Facilitates inner connection, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

- Calms frazzled nervous systems 

- Energetically encoded at sacred sites globally 

- A wonderful addition to your meditation practice 


We create sacred space through sound. The ultimate key to creation, as all comes from within. 


The only requirement is to be open to receiving.

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