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HARMONY Noun, plural har-mo-nies. agreement; accord; harmonious relations a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity. Music.

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Time & Location

10 Mar 2021, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT

Energetic Transmission

About the Event


noun, plural har·mo·nies.

agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity. Music.

Introducing Harmony. 

The 7th and final trans:mission from ‘The Wise One Within’. The centrepoint. Or rather circumpunct.

The ONE that unites them all.

It’s exactly 7 months to the day, that we transmitted our very first: ‘The Wise One’ from The Great Pyramids in Egypt, during the passing of comet NeoWise.

7 is a sacred number. A holy number of spiritual perfection. As in 7 steps to Heaven.

Harmony is the compilation of all 6 of our transmissions. The best of the best. And more. Creating the harmonious 7. 

An all in ONE.

Journey through Egypt, UK, Australia, The Body and the Universe. Arriving finally at Eden, with echos of Shamballa.

Grounding Heaven on Earth. Through you. The Soul. 

Inviting you to join us for Harmony ~ The Global Event, to celebrate its release, and gather in a global sacred ceremony to receive it. Together.

Date: 10th March 2021

Time:  7pm AEST

Exchange: US44 + 1 week unlimited access

“Love is the Energizing

Elixir of the Universe,

the cause and effect

of all harmonies.”

~ Rumi


To Harmonise the Soul. Where Masculine & Feminine energies in equal balance.   


In just under 30 minutes, you will be transported on a journey. Timeless energetic information will be transmitted directly to your Soul. We recommend creating a sacred space for yourself where you will not be disturbed during the trans:mission. You may choose to lay down on your back, or sit up with spine aligned. You may also wish to keep a journal nearby to record any insights you may receive afterwards.   


The nature of this transmission is energetic. You will receive what your Soul is ready for. This is not a substitute for medical treatment, though deep peace, healing & breakthroughs have been reported following.    


Join us for an inner quest of the soul. Another energetic journey of a lifetime. Though the purity of light and sound.    


We recommend receiving trans:missions 1-6 in preparation. Yet it is not a prerequisite.

GLOBAL EVENT TIMES:  10th March 2021 

7pm Sydney 

4pm Bali  

8am London 

9am Barcelona  

10am Egypt  

12 midnight LA   


Upon purchasing your ticket to ‘Harmony’ ~ The Global Event, you will receive 1 week unlimited access to the trans:mission receive again as many times as you wish or if you cant make the specified time in your timezone.  


- Create your sacred space 

- Take 7 deep breaths into your heart space

- Be open to receive  

- Press Play   

We look forward to sharing sacred space with you and releasing ‘Harmony’ together.

All love, 

Henrietta & Chris x


  • Harmony

    USD 44.00


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