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No claim is made in ‘The Wise One Within’ or its trans:missions for the treatment or cure of any previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions, nor are its trans:missions intended as a substitute for medical care. 


Those presently in the care of medical doctors or psychiatric professionals are advised to seek professional advice before using any spiritual exploration techniques or technologies contained within this system. 


Please proceed with caution if you suffer from any breathing difficulties or any other medical conditions that might be effected by very light breathing.

if you are not sure please seek medical advice before proceeding.



Find a quiet place, somewhere where you will not be disturbed for at least an hour. Take at least 7 deep and breaths. This will help to quiet the mind down enough to be able to fully become fully immersed in the trans:mission. When you are ready press the play button and get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and be open to receive.

For the full experience we recommend lying down, If you prefer not to be put into complete stasis then we suggest sitting upright.

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