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Stasis Therapy

  • 7Days

Quest Outline

A wonderful opportunity to dive deep into your healing journey through 'Stasis Therapy.' Over 7 days you will build your energy field and enter Stasis Pod 1-7 one day at a time. STASIS Stasis' is our sixth trans:mission created in the aethers with a focus on The Body. BACKGROUND: Defined as “a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium”, ‘Stasis’ is a divinely inspired trans:mission, designed to take you there from within. A healing journey on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bringing balance, harmony and equilibrium through placing the body in Stasis. INTENTION: To experience the state of ‘Stasis’. To be open to and receive the deepest healing on subtle levels, and experience a complete reset of your nervous system. To enter the void of creation and transfiguration, to rest deeply in a space of peace and calm while being lovingly held. AN INVITATION TO RECEIVE: Over 7 days, you will be transported on a journey. Timeless energetic information will be transmitted directly to your soul. DISCLAIMER: No claim is made in ‘The Wise One Within’ or its trans:missions for the treatment or cure of any previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions, nor are its trans:missions intended as a substitute for medical care. Those presently in the care of medical doctors or psychiatric professionals are advised to seek professional advice before using any spiritual exploration techniques contained within this system.


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