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Awakening The Avatar April Upgrade

  • 10Days

Quest Outline

Over 10 days, you will embark on a Soul Quest to Awaken the Avatar through preparing for, receiving and integrating 10 sacred trans:missions from The Wise One Within. Day 1 - The Wise One - Egypt Day 2 - Return of the Magi - Glastonbury Day 3 - Sword of Truth - Stonehenge Day 4 - Pillar of Light - Uluru Day 5 - Eternal Flame - The Universe Day 6 - Stasis - The Body Day 7 - Harmony - The Soul Day 8 - Divinity - Es Vedra Day 9 - H:O:M:E - Within Day 10 - The Sacred Marriage - The Heart These trans:missions are delivered in the form of meditative sound journeys in sequential order of their creation, energetically encoded at sacred sites from around the globe. Specific instructions for each day included, Prepare for internal flight. In Love and Service, Henrietta & Chris x Testimonial: It takes Courage to step through the portal of Awakening of the Avatar; and Surrender to continue walking the path from initiation with The Wise One through Harmony, to reach Divinity.



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