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Es Vedra


Press play to hear a sample of the Trans:missions

new hd wise.jpg

The Wise One

The Pyramids 

'The Wise One' is our first trans:mission created in Egypt with a focus on The Pyramids and 7 of the most significant Temples along the Nile.


hd new magi.jpg

Return of the Magi


'Return of the Magi.' is our second trans:mission created in the United Kingdom with a focus on Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon. 


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Sword of Truth


'Sword of Truth' is our third trans:mission created in the United Kingdom with a focus on Stonehenge.


"Thank you! Still flying! Namaste."
~ Cecilia, Sweden

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Pillar Of Light


'Pillar of Light' is our fourth trans:mission created in Central Australia with a focus on Uluru. 


new hd eternal flame.jpg

Eternal Flame

The Universe

'Eternal Flame' is our fifth trans:mission created in the aethers with a focus on The Universe.


new hd stasis.jpg


The Body

Stasis' is our sixth trans:mission. A  healing journey of transfiguration with a focus on The Body.


harmony  hd video.jpg


The Soul

'Harmony' is our seventh trans:mission created through the integration of all six trans:missions with a focus on The Soul. 


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