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The Year of The Wise One

Wishing everyone a happy and safe entry into 2021. Thank you all from our hearts for your support and journeying with us in 2020 through the creation and birthing of The Wise One Within.

Passes & Trans:mission Access Extended

During January 2021, we are all in Transition, which is why have decided to offer a grace period from 1 - 31st to all who have purchased ‘The Pass’. This means we’re extending your access for the whole of January so you can continue receiving. Our offering of divine support at this time.


From February 1st we will be moving into a new Member:ship model, in which all of you are invited to join. This grace period in January allows for you all to access it ahead of time (as site members) and have a taster as we build it step by step in January.

Some new features we will be adding to the website in Member:ship are:

  • Unlimited trans:mission access

  • All new additions including our latest in creation currently in progress: ‘Stasis’

  • Access to a new Forum section as we begin to build the Wise One Within Comm:unity and share our individual and collective experiences

  • Quests/Challenges to give you a structural framework from which to receive trans:missions in a self-guided format

  • 1-1 Session offerings

We look forward to continuing to journey with you all this year and beyond at The Wise One Within. Thank you for being here, and Happiest New Year!

All love,

Henrietta & Chris x

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