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The Quest

A 7 day journey for Holy Week from The Wise One Within.

Starting TODAY!!! (March 29th - April 4th)

The Quest = Receive all 7 trans:missions over 7 days of Holy Week. 1 per day. In order of creation:

Day 1 The Wise One - Egypt (The Temple)

Day 2 Return of the Magi - Glastonbury (The Teaching)

Day 3 Sword of Truth - Stonehenge (The Betrayal)

Day 4 Pillar of Light - Uluru (The Communion)

Day 5 Eternal Flame - The Universe (The Crucifixion)

Day 6 Stasis - The Body (The Transfiguration)

Day 7 Harmony - The Soul (The Resurrection)

Access though member:ship, passes or individually.

We are in the process of creating online courses for receiving the trans:missions now including:

• ‘Awakening the Avatar’

• ‘Divine Communion’

• ‘Stasis Healing Therapy’

Yet for now, this 7 day window just dropped in for Holy Week. The timing is precise. And completely in sync.

Simple steps if you feel to do ‘The Quest’ this week:

• Choose a time to receive (same each day)

• Create your sacred space

• Close your eyes and take 7 deep, heart centred breaths

• Be open to receiving

• Press play

• Upon completion you may wish to record your experience in a journal

• Share with us if you feel to

I will be doing it!!! Feel free to join ‘The Quest’ this week if you’re called. In your own sacred space. Individually, yet together. The Heart Knows.

All love x

PS Also inviting existing members of 'The Wise One Within' to jump on board with us!


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