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Sound Healing with

The Wise Ones

Proposal for Los Enamorados Ibiza

Tuesday 1st June 2021 

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The Body

1/ ‘Stasis’ 1hr Group Session

(30 minute trans:mission)

Investment: €432

 (usually €528)  

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Pillar Of Light & 

Uluru &. The Body

2/ ‘Pillar of Light’ & ‘Stasis’  1.5 - 2hr Group Session

(60 minute trans:mission)

Investment: €528

(usually €639)

Awakening the avatar q.jpg

Awakening The Avatar


3/ ‘Awakening the Avatar’ 3-4hr Group Session

(2.5hr trans:mission)

Investment: €1100

(usually €1320






At ‘The Wise One Within’ we have developed a new modality of sound healing created during our 6 month sacred journey in Egypt in 2020. Our body of work consist of 7 trans:missions which energetically attune the mind, body and soul. These trans:missions are designed and produced in 432hz (the miracle frequency) which purifies the energy field and opens up recipients to their highest potential realised. 


Henrietta is a spiritual coach/mentor, retreat facilitator and sound healer with a background in design.

Chris is an energy healer who practises reiki, bio-magnetic touch and Sekhem with a background in sound and lighting design.




We are available for one-to-one sessions following if required. POA.


Requests upon confirmation: 

  • Timing (morning / evening)

  • Numbers (so far an intimate gathering of 6-8)

  • Location (rooftop/indoor space)

  • Yoga Mats / bolsters / cushions / blankets / eye masks

  • Options for sound?

We look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss any further details regarding this wonderful opportunity for us to share with you and your group!


Henrietta & Chris

+61 0410 302 360


“Powerful healing transmissions beyond words.

That means a lot coming from be left speechless in the wake of being AWE struck and transformed."

~ Connie, USA

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